Search for a partner / job in Athens

A Forester or Forester or related scientist, with experience in Forest Maps, is wanted for full-time employment in Athens (Ilision area) during the 2nd semester of 2021. Desired additional qualifications: Good knowledge of GIS / Databases and Forestry Legislation. Recommendations will be positively evaluated. Send Resumes to with the subject: “Forestist position in Athens […]

Awarding of Contracts for supporting works of Forest Maps – staffing SYADCH

SYSTADA undertook the following supporting tasks of completing – correcting Forest Maps and staffing SYADX: Directorate of Forests of Zakynthos: Staffing of SYADX Zakynthos with 1 person for a duration of 12 months and integration of manifest errors and administrative acts (start: 1/9/2021) Directorate of Forests of Etoloakarnania: Integration works of manifest errors and administrative […]

Assignment of supporting tasks for the collection of data, the monitoring of the progress of the Forest Maps project and the extraction of total monitoring statistics, for the support needs of the Directorate of Forestry Projects and Infrastructure.

In SYSTADA O.E. the supporting works were assigned to the Directorate of Forestry Projects and Infrastructures of the Ministry of the Interior, to monitor the progress of the Forest Maps project for a total duration of 8 months from the signing of the Contract, which includes the support of the proper operation of the EPEAs, […]

Forester job in Messolonghi

A Forester is wanted for employment in Messolonghi for a period of 12 months with a fixed-term employment contract or project lease. Necessary qualifications: Experience in the preparation & updating of Forest Maps and knowledge of the relevant legislation, experience in Photo Interpretation Reports – objection support, excellent knowledge of GIS, Office, good knowledge of […]

Sanctions of Forest Maps

The process of partially sanctioning Forest Maps throughout the territory is ongoing, which followed the posting of Forest Maps that started in 2021 and ended on 31/7/2022, after successive extensions and reforms. The official gazettes of the sanctions can be found on the website εδώ The deadline for appealing to the Council of Ministers […]

New Support Agreements for SYADCH – Forest Departments

SYSTADA OE undertook the support of the Forestry Directorate of Etoloakarnania for 12 months with the provision of one (1) forester with experience in the preparation of Forest Maps, as well as the Forestry Directorate of Zakynthos for 6 months with the provision of one (1) forester . At the same time, the technical support […]