Start of Forest Census (FSC) work

The implementation of the Forest Inventory – Monitoring System Contract (SAP) – sub-project 5 (Thessaly – Central Greece) which has been assigned by the Ministry of the Interior / G.G. Forestry, after an international competition, in the association of economic operators YLORIKI E.E.-OIKODASOS E.P.E.-SYSTADA O.E. (start of Contract 18/7/2022, budget ~ 1 million euros).

SYSTADA OE implements the forest inventory in P.E. Evrytania – Magnesia & Sporades and Evia, and the collection of field data has already started with three (3) field crews, as well as the photo interpretation work. The progress of the project is displayed on our website with regular updates.

Preparation of the field crew for DE measurement in tall forests (spruce) in Evrytania
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