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Services to individuals
We provide Technical Consultant services to individuals in the context of submitting and supporting objections against Forest Maps, as well as supporting objections from the National Land Registry (Photo Interpretation Reports – Expertises).
Services to public bodies
We undertake the preparation of forestry, phytotechnical and environmental studies, participating in tenders, in accordance with the current legislation on Public Contracts, as well as the provision of technical support services for public bodies, the preparation of maturity files for co-financed projects, etc.
customer support
Our clients can consult us on any issue that concerns them regarding their case, or in the context of the implementation of a public contract
For the most efficient processing of large cases and the undertaking of important public contracts, we cooperate with independent researchers, study companies and research centers, investing in flexible and efficient collaborative schemes for the benefit of the client
Research and innovation

We participate in research partnerships with private companies and research centers for the development and implementation of new, innovative services and solutions for issues related to the management and protection of the natural environment

Corporate social responsibility
We undertake the free or symbolic support of cases of public interest on behalf of environmental organizations and collectives, with the aim of protecting and preserving the natural environment for future generations
Scientific documentation
We are looking for scientifically proven and reliable solutions and proposals by investing in the continuous training of our executives, for the acquisition of new skills and certifications
Implemented projects (Web-based)
Browse projects that our company has implemented, related to online Databases and applications, and are available on the Internet for full or partial free access

Photo interpretation

Long-term examination and interpretation of aerial photographs for the purposes of documenting the forest or non-forest character of areas, the history of the landscape and the ecological evolution of plant communities, the vesting of property rights (possession deeds) and the certification of the time of construction constructions (arbitrary settlement)

Aerial photographs

With the use of a photogrammetric UAV (drone) we perform high-precision photogrammetric mappings, mapping, three-dimensional (3D) representations of significant elements of the anthropogenic, cultural or natural environment (important buildings-monuments, antiquities, geomorphological formations, centuries-old trees, etc.).


Wildlife monitoring

Using automated specialized equipment (infrared motion detection cameras) placed at key habitat points, we record and assess populations of important wildlife species (bear, wolf, deer, wild goat, jackal) for recording, monitoring and conservation status assessment purposes of the protection regime, or for the preparation of ecological baseline studies in important biotopes thereof

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Assessment of forest ecosystem functions

We apply modern methods and techniques to assess the ecosystem services and functions of forest ecosystems (protection from erosion, provision of habitats, hydrological function, sequestration and storage of carbon, etc.) utilizing and integrating relevant research results into practice, while supporting further research in similar sectors.


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