Frequently asked questions – answers

Below you will find information in the form of questions and answers on various issues that concern citizens and agencies, regarding the protection of forests and the natural environment in general

Frequently asked questions – answers

Below you will find information in the form of questions and answers on various issues that concern citizens and agencies, regarding the protection of forests and the natural environment in general

Why could I apply to SYSTADA?

First of all, anyone who owns real estate outside the city plan could need the services of our office. The most common case is the provision of specialized consulting services in matters of land designation. Also, if someone owns a property in an area under cadastral registration, where the Forest Map is logically drawn up, they will probably need the services of a Technical Consultant during the objection stage

What should I know when I request the issuance of a Deed of Characterization?

Each interested party should be aware that if, at the discretion of the competent Forestry Authority and during the investigation of the long-term file of the A/F, it is found that the area for which the issuance of a Deed of Characterization is requested had in the past (e.g. year 1945 ) of a forestry nature, then as a rule a proposal is made to declare the area as reforestation, which can only be appealed within 60 days to the relevant Administrative Appeals Court, while the competent Forestry Authority takes the legal actions (issuance of a Protocol of Administrative Expulsion, etc.). Interested parties are advised to either monitor the progress of the case with the relevant official, or to consult a specialized Technical Advisor

Is it possible to object to a Deed of Characterization, which has become final?

Yes, as long as the following conditions are met:
1) The Deed must have been issued following a third party request or ex officio
2) There must be a legal interest (e.g. title deeds) for the extent to which the objections are to be exercised
3) The Deed has not been communicated to him or the person concerned has not been aware of it

Are forest recreation projects allowed to be built on reforested land?

According to par.1 of article 49 of Law 998/79, as amended by Article 41 of the new GOK (Law 4067/2012), the construction of works necessary for the operation of peri-urban forests, groves and parks, which maintain and improve vegetation, facilitate visitor traffic, etc

Is PV allowed on public forests and woodlands?

According to the new Zoning Law for RES (Article 17) PV installation in forests is NOT allowed. However, it is allowed in public forest lands, after approval of intervention issued by the relevant Forestry Service (Forestry Department)

What should I know about the regularization of arbitrary constructions in the off-plan areas?

The interested party who proceeds with the settlement of an arbitrary building in an area outside the plan, in the event that a final Deed of Characterization has not been issued for the plot where the building is located (note: an old-style Forestry Certificate is not sufficient), should consult a private forester for the investigation of the possibility that the building is located in a forest, woodland or even public grassland area. In this case, the interested party may bear the costs of arbitrarily settling the matter without compensation.

Is the portal just a corporate site?

No, at one can obtain useful information on broader forestry and environmental current affairs, as well as opinions on these issues. Information is also provided on investments, NSRF programs, funding, etc. in forestry or environmental actions, involving either private or public bodies as potential investors.

I am a farmer. Am I interested in SYSTADA's services?

Apart from the environmental licensing needs (e.g. drilling) that a farmer may have, he may be interested in investments in agro-tourism accommodation, afforestation of agricultural land, agro-environmental support (due to loss of income in Natura areas), etc. In this context, we collaborate with experienced agronomists to provide integrated solutions and quality services.

I am a prospective investor in RES projects and there is an involvement with the Forestry Department. How can you help me?

Our office initially undertakes the preliminary examination of each case and, as long as it is feasible, the necessary procedures (expertise, operation permits) for the successful implementation of your investment

I am a breeder - beneficiary of a common pasture. What changes with the new institutional framework for pastures?

By 5/15/2015, the utilized pasture area of ​​each breeder must be included in an approved Grazing Management Plan. The Livestock Organization to which you belong should promptly take the necessary actions for the preparation and approval of the Management Plan.

I am the Municipality responsible for public areas. How can we ensure the safety of citizens in groves and parks?

First of all, for the groves and parks of the Municipality, which as a rule fall under the provisions of the forestry legislation, a management study is required to be drawn up by a forestry engineer, in accordance with the applicable provisions. For the trees located in communal areas, we also undertake the recording and assessment of their risk, in accordance with the specifications of the ISA (International Society of Arboriculture)

What is required to cut or prune trees in my yard?

Areas within settlements are not, as a rule, subject to the protective provisions of the forest legislation. However, you should contact the Green Department of your Municipality and the relevant Forestry Office for more information, as well as a specialized workshop (private company) that undertakes related work