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Management forest ecosystems, environment and pastures

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Forest Management

Preparation of a forest management study, which includes an assessment of the timber stock, increment and canopy and an evaluation of the multiple purposes of the forest

Forest Cadastre

Submission and support within the framework of the procedure for objections or obvious errors of the Forest Map with the preparation of a technical photo-interpretation report

Technical-economic studies

Compilation of an economic and technical study of the viability of the agricultural holding, which is drawn up by a private geotechnical scientist and co-signed by a forester

Environmental studies

Environmental licensing and preparation of specialized environmental studies related to protected areas (Special Ecological Assessment, Special Environmental Studies, Environmental Impact Studies)

New Fire Protection Regulation

Technical reports in compliance with the new Fire Protection Regulation for properties in or near forest areas (3475B/2023) for both residential buildings and industries

Engineering Services

We undertake the preparation and supervision of energy and engineering studies, issue of certificates and other engineering services

Research and innovation

Collaborative research and innovation projects on species monitoring in protected areas, recording of traditional varieties and augmented reality technologies in landscape history

Web & Mobile Apps

We design and develop "smart" mapping solutions for the protection and management of protected areas, visitor management, tree risk assessment

We actively participate in research and apply innovative practices in the management of forests, pastures and the environment

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Systada Ecotime

Ecotime Machine

An application that integrates the results of a broad and interdisciplinary research on the environmental and social history of landscape and represents this history through cutting-edge technologies such as 3D reconstruction and augmented & virtual reality


Collection, identification, conservation, evaluation and pilot exploitation of native fruit-bearing shrubs and local traditional fruit tree varieties


Inventory and monitoring system of endangered mammal species and human activities in protected areas of Greece as a decision support tool and guidelines for policy makers and end-users for nature conservation

Details of the Research - Create - Innovate projects

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Forestry Mapping Hectares


Completed Research - Innovation projects


Objections with a positive outcome


Hectares of Forest Management

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