SYSTADA as a research company

By decision of GEM, the study degree of our company was issued, which has the following degrees / classes: Forestry Studies (24): 4th Class (potential 9 units) Phytotechnical Studies – Green Projects (25): Second Class (potential of 2 credits) Environmental Studies (27): Second Class (potential 4 units) Registration number: 956

Signing of a Contract for a Monitoring Program on the Vertical Axis of EGNATIA STREET

Yesterday 13/1/2021 the Contract for the assignment of the project “Monitoring and evaluation program of the effects of the project “Vertical Axis 70 of Egnatia Road: Section “Melivia – Greek-Bulgarian Border” (code 70.2.2) on large mammals and habitats was signed them both during the construction phase and during the operation phase of – Reference Code […]

Staffing of the SYADX Aridaia

SYSTADA took over, after a competition, the staffing of the SYADX of Aridaia, making available two (2) foresters from its human resources to assist the Pella Forestry Directorate in the installation work and until the ratification of the Forest Charter. The contract started on 1/3/2021 and will last 6 months. Contact via email with the […]

Administrative Study of a private Fir Forest Xirolivados Imathia

SYSTADA will prepare the fourth (4th) management study in a row for the private forest “Elata” Xirolivados Imathia under the responsibility of the Veria Forest Service, for the period 2022-2031, after being commissioned by the Mandatory Forestry Cooperative for Forest Management

Staffing of the SYADX of Thessaloniki

By decision of the ADMTH/Directorate of Forests PE Thessaloniki, SYSTADA undertakes, after a brief tender, the staffing of the SYADX Thessaloniki, for a period of 12 months, in the context of providing support work from the posting up to the partial ratification of the (reformed) Forest Charter PE Thessaloniki.

Welcome to the new SYSTADA website!

SYSTADA acquires a new website as part of the implementation of a related action of the DIGITAL STEP program. The new website is implemented in a WordPress environment and was developed by the company Verus + IT and Development Systems. Until 31/3/2021, the new website (https// will be in a transitional test mode, while at […]