Awarding of Contracts for supporting works of Forest Maps – staffing SYADCH

SYSTADA undertook the following supporting tasks of completing – correcting Forest Maps and staffing SYADX:

  1. Directorate of Forests of Zakynthos: Staffing of SYADX Zakynthos with 1 person for a duration of 12 months and integration of manifest errors and administrative acts (start: 1/9/2021)
  2. Directorate of Forests of Etoloakarnania: Integration works of manifest errors and administrative acts, as well as staff training in the use of GIS (start: 1/9/2021)
  3. Kilkis Forestry Directorate: Staffing of the Kilkis and Goumenissa SYADX for a period of 5 months (start: 13/9/2021)
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